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GUM Collections - Introspective Pieces // Album composer



Music Library Album

Gumbo Jam - Let it roll

Album released - Composition of 2 tracks


Gumbo Jam first EP - 5 tracks,


A group of eight artists mixing music and dance, Gumbo Jam works to merge body and instruments in the service of a new look at African American music.

Drawing their first influences from New Orleans music, the group takes its name from the dish typical of French Louisiana ; the Gumbo, in addition to being a generous meal, symbolizes above all the occasion of a meeting and a social sharing.





GUM Collections - Inspiring Moments // Composer of 3 tracks


Music Library Album

Seyhn Sohl - Prélude à Sola (composition & audio mixing)

GUM Collections - Millennial // Composer of 2 tracks



Music Library Album

Jey's Empire // Composer and Sound Designer - Video Game Soundtrack

Seyhn Sohl - Ūn (composition & audio mixing)


Seyhn Sohl - F(i)end (Live) - Composition & Audio Mixing

Seyhn Sohl - Desöh (Live) - Composition & audio mixing


Seyhn Sohl - Hâme (direction & composition)


Virgin Mantis - Mantra (progressive rock album co-composer)

Visiteuse - A short film by José Joubert // Composer